The Problem

Every year, over 3.6 million Australians face the reality of not knowing where their next meal will come from. Imagine going to bed hungry, only to find out that 40% of fruit and vegetables are rejected and wasted despite their perfect taste, simply because they are imperfect in appearance (different shape, colour or size)!

Our Mission

To Use Food Waste To Solve Hunger!

For every box of produce sold, a plate of fruit and veg will be donated to those who need it the most thanks to our partners at Foodbank SA who are on a mission with us to end hunger! Some of the produce in our boxes are slightly misshaped or too big in size. We are taking a stand to the world to end food waste when there are millions of starving people by making a proportion of the locally sourced produce we eat imperfect in appearance. The best part is though, it tastes perfectly delicious and fresh!

Our mission also focusses on helping YOU. Purposeful Produce creates a system where you can eat healthy while saving time with the produce being delivered at your doorstep, and saving money as all boxes of fruit & veg are sold 20-30% below market value! 

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Help Us Fight Hunger & Food Waste

For every box of produce we deliver to you, Foodbank will donate a plate of our fresh fruit and vegetables to one of the 3.6 million Australians who experiences food insecurity each year!

Your Purchase Makes A Difference

Together we can take a stand to end food waste whilst feeding Australians who suffer from hunger every day. Eat healthier, save money, fight food waste & hunger, cancel anytime – you’re only a few steps away!

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