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You have taken the first step in making a REAL difference in our community. Together we can fight food wastage and hunger in Australia while you save time, money, support local farmers and eat healthy!

Now, let’s talk about how this is even possible…

To begin, my name is James. I am 18 years old, and the owner of Purposeful Produce. I am on a mission to create a positive environmental and social impact in my local community by eradicating some of Australias major issues of hunger and food waste.

This idea of using food wastage to solve hunger struck me when I came across some statistics that are difficult to believe. It was disappointing to find out that in such an advanced country like Australia, the place I call home, 3.6 million citizens still go hungry each year. With such a shocking statistic like this, you would think that the systems within our country are doing all it can to resolve this issue.

But no…

This is not the circumstance as it is also a fact that up to 40% of produce grown is thrown away. Have you ever wondered how every piece of fruit in a grocery store isle looks the exact same? Well, this is because the other 40% is discriminated against and disposed of! The embarrassing reason for this is because the fruit and vegetables are either overproduced or are imperfect in appearance as it may be too big, small or features a minor blemish. This wasted fruit & veg is perfectly fine to eat and could have been used to feed those who fight a daily battle with putting food on the table for themselves and their family. This is why at Purposeful Produce, a portion of the locally sourced fruit & vegetables in your boxes are overproduced or ‘imperfect’ in appearance.

As a result of your support, we can then fight hunger in Australia together! Through Foodbank’s help, a plate of our fresh produce will be donated to those who need it the most for every box that is delivered to you! With a simple shift in the mindset of judging the delicious produce we sell based on what’s on the inside, rather than its cosmetic appeal on the outside, we can SAVE LIVES.

These statistics mentioned highlight a devastating reality in Australia that I cannot, and will not accept, which is why Purposeful Produce was born – to make a REAL difference!

However, this is only possible with your support. Join the Purposeful Produce family that is already rapidly growing, and YOUR purchase of a delicious produce box will be responsible for feeding hungry Australians and minimising food wastage.

You can join the Purposeful Produce family to fight for what’s right here:

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If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask! Simply email us any time at info@purposefulproduce.com.au


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