Fighting Hunger

Imagine waking up one morning and not being able to put food in your child’s lunch box because you simply do not have enough money. Imagine going every day eating less than the recommended amount, sacrificing your personal health and wellbeing in order to survive financially. Well, this is a reality for 3.6 million Australians every day of their lives…

At Purposeful Produce, we refuse to sit back and allow this to happen! Your purchase makes a difference! We make produce more affordable each week for you and millions of other Australians who are suffering from financial stress. This is achieved by selling our perfectly delicious produce for 20% to 30% below market value. In addition, for every box of produce that we deliver to you, Foodbank will donate a plate of our fresh fruit and vegetables to one of the 3.6 million Australians who experience food insecurity each year!

Your Purchase Makes A Difference

Together, we can take a stand to end food waste whilst feeding hungry Australians. Eat healthier, save money & time, support local farmers, fight food waste & hunger, cancel anytime – you’re only a few steps away!

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