Reducing Food Waste

Purposeful Produce’s mission is to have a massive impact on our environment so that we can be a part of REAL positive change. We believe that there should be no wasted resources, especially when there are millions of Australians going hungry. It is disgraceful that in Australia, up to 40% of produce grown by farmers is thrown away. A large quantity of this wastage is a result of fresh fruit and vegetables being disposed of as they are a little off-size, off-colour, or overproduced.

The doorstep delivery of our weekly boxes contains fresh and delicious produce that is sourced from Australian farmers. This not only assists in eliminating unnecessary & avoidable food waste from our local growers, but it also supports efforts to eradicate hunger in Australia as seen in “Fighting Hunger”

Help us create a positive change in the world by purchasing our equally delicious produce. Your purchase protests against the unacceptable societal norms of buying fruit and vegetables based on its appearance.


Your Purchase Makes A Difference

Together, we can take a stand to end food waste whilst feeding Australians who suffer from hunger every day. Eat healthier, save money & time, support local farmers, fight food waste & hunger, cancel anytime – you’re only a few steps away!